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Ooty is situated in the Hills of Nilgiris above 2500 MSL. It has very climate through the year. The temperature varies from 3 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. The weather conditions of Niligirs enhances its beauty and brings tourists from all over the world.

Average temperature in Ooty in Celsius:
Mar to Jun 24°C-18°C
Jun to Sep 18°C - 10°C
Oct to Nov 8°C - 08°C
Dec to Mar 18°C - 03°C

Area in Sq. Km.: 36
Altitude (in m): 2286 above sea level
Annual Mean Rainfall 990 mm
Population: 97,000(Approx)
Languages Spoken Tamil, English, Hindi and other south Indian Languages
STD Code 0423


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